The application, as prescribed by the Government of India, will enable the HWC team to undertake a baseline survey to assess morbidity burden and out of pocket expenses of the communities served. It will enable the HWC team to record services provided, to provide continuity of care across time and across levels, to perform population based analytics and to enable monitoring. The solution will enable creation of family folders and individual health-cards along with the gap of services available at sub centre level. HWC will have a digital record of all the family health cards (through population surveys) which should be used to facilitate referrals and enable a continuum of care. The solution will also enable tracking of drug made available to the patients who require long term treatment. The HWC primary health care team will be able to use the application to monitor compliance/history and provide follow up check-ups and counselling. The application will have an automated system for referrals and next follow-up schedule and will be auto synced as per the availability and quality of network.

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